Roof and wall grinding-Hyra

40.00 kr1,120.00 kr Inklusive moms

Roof and wall grinding-Hyra

  • Telescopic shaft
  • Foldable design
  • LED Light
  • 50 kr per day.




Roof and wall grinding with telescopic shaft and LED lamp. Fix the arrangement in the home or workplace. With Meec Red Series roof / wall grinding it is easy to grind all the walls and roof of the house. An affordable – as well as obvious – accessory when it comes to flaking and painting! Articulated head with Velcro fastener The sturdy grinding head is equipped with Velcro fastening which makes replacing grinding wheels easy and fast. The articulated head makes the work serial and ergonomic. Five different speeds The easily accessible slider on the front of the machine allows you to easily adjust the rpm in five separate steps. Telescopic shaft The machine is suitable for all types of work – high and low. The telescopic shaft allows you to adapt the machine to the situation! With the extension shaft folded out when you are in the right direction while a recessed shaft allows you to work efficiently in more compact spaces. Foldable design The machine’s aluminum shaft can be folded in the middle, which makes the machine easy to stow away. Mounted LED lamp Illuminate the situation! With the mounted LED lamp, there is a strong light for extra visibility during work. If the lamp is redundant in your work, it is also possible to mount it. Sandpaper included In addition to the machine, six matching sanding papers are also included. Dust Connection Get rid of dust and putty! The machine is equipped with a four meter long hose that can be attached to your vacuum cleaner – perfect for keeping the workplace clean and nice.

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